Thomas Barnett

Illustrator and Digital Artist

Thomas Barnett found his love for creating at the age of five. His Grandmother bought him a hardcover collection of “Peanuts” strips for a quarter at a garage sale and Charles Schulz instantly became his hero. This started a lifelong love for the art of cartooning and creating illustrations that make people laugh and smile. Tom self-taught himself many art skills and digital art programs such as Photoshop. This made him want to learn more! He found many mentors that taught him whatever he craved to know. As his education grew, so did his skill for cartooning, portraits and watercolors.

Tom spent many years working different traditional jobs and keeping art a hobby. None of these jobs ever worked out because he always felt a different calling pulling him to do more creative things. Eventually, Tom took a chance and decided to make a living doing what he loves to do. As his freelance art career took off he started getting jobs from bigger and bigger clients like book publishing companies and nationally syndicated magazines.

In 2014 Tom was inducted into the prestigious National Cartoonists Society. The NCS hosts the countries best cartoonists and illustrators. Tom had dreamed of being a member since he was young because Charles Schulz and many of the cartoonists he admired as a boy were members.

Tom works with clients big and small and treats each client with the same respect and urgency no matter the size of the job. A children’s book Tom was hired to illustrate In 2016, titled “in a pickle over PANDAS“, won an award in the Next Generation Indie Book Award in the Juvenile Non-Fiction Category for a children’s book.

Tom recently has gone to the next level of children’s books and has currently written and illustrated two of his own books that feature a lovable Hodag. Though Tom is excited about writing books, his first love will always be creating art. Tom currently resides in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin in a town called Rhinelander with his wonderful wife and two adorable children.