Introducing Bob the Hodag

I brought a Hodag to school“–    What happens when you’re running late for school and a fateful encounter brings you nose to nose with the Northwoods most famous creature? You bring him to school for show and tell! “I brought a Hodag to school” begins the greatest friendship in the Northwoods between a boy and a Hodag when he brings his mythical friend to school with him. You’ll fall in love with the friendliest Hodag ever to be found!

I brought a Hodag home“—  This sequel to the popular “I brought a Hodag to school” continues the adventure of Tony and his best friend, Bob the Hodag! Tony brings Bob home to live in his room with him but soon finds out that maybe a Hodag isn’t suited for domestic life! Find out what happens when Tony introduces Bob to the family and falls in love with the friendliest Hodag in the Northwoods all over again!

When professional illustrator, Thomas Barnett, moved his family to the Northwoods of Wisconsin he never dreamed he would end up on an incredible adventure with a famed Hodag. The principal at his son’s new school approached him one day and asked if he would be interested in putting a Hodag themed mural on an empty wall in the school’s hallway. After discussing what type of Hodag to put on an elementary school wall, Tom suggested a “kid friendly” Hodag. One that was smiling and welcoming. The Principal loved it and the project began. As Tom was putting the finishing touches on the mural a fifth grader named Kayla came up to him and said, “Bob…i’m going to name him Bob.” At that moment this kid-friendly Hodag came to life in Tom’s imagination. Bob’s was a story that had to be written! That night, Tom went home and started writing what was to be the first book in the series, “I brought a Hodag to school“. Following the amazing success of the first book, he put his second book out, “I brought a Hodag home“. These books follow the adventures of a young boy named Tony and his BFF Bob the Hodag.

Tom has plans for many more Bob the Hodag tales and you never know where these friends will go next! You can get your copy of these fun books by visiting the drawing Board Shop!

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History Behind the Famed Hodag

The Hodag is one of the most famous fixtures in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. If you would like to know more about the origins of the fantastical beast then click the link below and find yourself taken back in time to when a local prankster fooled an entire town!