Art Courses, Live, Local and Online!

Art course instructor and teacher, Tom is here to help young and old in their endeavors to learn water color painting to digital cartoon characters drawing.

One of the best parts of having a skill is being able to share it with others that have the same interest. Whether it is someone who wants to improve the skills they already have or a child who is inspired to develop a skill they love. I have had the privilege to learn under some amazing and talented artists who taught me how to hone my skill and I think sharing that knowledge with others is important to inspire other artists to chase their dreams. This is why I started to give classes to others who want to learn. I have had the privilege to see the looks on my student’s faces when they complete a class and realize that they have created a beautiful piece of art.

Private Lessons

I am available for local and live online events such as private lessons and private parties. I give private one on one lessons and group lessons. If you are interested, I invite you to contact me and find out more.

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Rhinelander Wisconsin Elementary School Teacher Visitor

Local Classes in Rhinelander, Wisconsin

I love holding classes at my local Hobby Lobby and also teach classes for my local community education program that is run through the school district. These places offer me a unique setting to share my knowledge and skill with many different people of all ages. I have taught many different types of classes that speak to a variety of different art students.

I have taught

  • Introduction to cartooning classes
  • Action poses for comic book classes
  • Sketching classes
  • Watercolor classes
  • and more.

I am always looking to find new subjects I can offer to people that might inspire them to reach for their own personal star.  There are many ways you can find my different course. If you live in the Rhinelander, Wisconsin area, I invite you to attend one of my live courses. You can find out more info on when and where those are being held by checking out my events page.

Request to be added to my email contact list

I invite you to send me an e-mail and ask to be put on my art class e-mail list. You will receive an e-mail letting you know all the information on the next class.

Online Courses

I will also have online courses coming soon here on my website, in and my Youtube channel.