Custom Logo Design and Logo Mascots

Every business or brand needs a great looking logo that helps them stand out from the crowd, something that makes their business or brand memorable. A unique logo that has a logo mascot can do just that.

A logo mascot is a unique character that represents your business or brand in an entertaining way. Instead of just having words or a design as your logo, why not add a character designed specifically for you? A character that can be utilized in endless ways to represent your business or brand!  Clients can forget a boring logo but, they will never forget an unforgettable character that makes them smile. I can’t wait to help bring your unique logo character to life. Let’s make YOU unforgettable!

Character Development Projects - Photos to Cartoon Characters

Bringing your logo mascot to life is an exciting venture! Whether you have a concept in mind or don’t know where to begin, I can design a mascot that will make your business unforgettable. I will work closely with you first working on the overall look of your mascot character through rough designs and concept art. Once the look is established a finished detailed character will be developed. This character can be used in all advertising and branding projects.

I will provide various sizes of your mascot character and logo for use on everything from large banners to small business cards. The files will be delivered with a transparent background for easy use on any product or advertisement.  Typical time frame depending on the concept design period will be within 2-3 weeks from start to finish product. These characters can even come with different facial expressions and poses to fit any situation! These characters are truly alive. The reach to your clients and potential clients is limitless!