Testimonials for Thomas Barnett

If you have a testimonial you would like to share please contact Tom.  He would love to hear from you!

Thomas Barnett is a wonderful artist that does exemplary art work. I bought three, of a series of ten, watercolors he painted. I’ve been so inspired by these works of art that I am redoing the room they are in, so it compliments the paintings.

Jody Holbrook

Tom, is an amazing illustrator who uses his talent to bring stories to life. I have worked with Tom on 3 projects. Each time, he has brought a freshness that portrays my characters in ways I could not have dreamed of. I absolutely love working with Tom!

Ashley Chesney

I’ve had so much fun working with Tom on a few illustration projects over the last year! One in particular was help with a mascot design for one of my clients. I was blown away at what Tom presented and his attention to detail! I have always LOVED Tom’s ability to create images full of expression, they really draw you in! His images are fun and easy to work with when it comes to marketing my clients projects. I hope to work with him for years to come and strongly recommend him for mascot designs and children’s book illustrations. He’s fun to work with and just incredible at what he does!

Crystal Calhoun

Crystal CalhounMarketing and Web Design - Made To Be Unique

Tom is the best combination of an illustrator – he’s an amazing artist who translates and elevates the soul of your words on time and on the budget. I was blessed to find and work with him on my first children’s book, Nana’s Fridge and can’t wait for the chance to work with him again.

Monice Mitchell Simms

I had been searching for years for a talented children’s book illustrator, who would understand and see my vision. Tom not only knocked it out of the park but, was absolutely wonderful to work with. He brought my little book to life and I’m forever grateful. Tom is clearly passionate about his art and it shows in his personality, the quality of his work and the genius of his creativeness. He’s #1 on my illustrator-artist list.

Toni Danette

Tom done my son a picture that we still have hanging today. In fact, he even sent it in a protective cover. It will be something for my son to Treasure when he gets older and looks back to his childhood with a cool story to tell!

Bill McMicheals

I have purchased several products from Tom Barnett and not only is he an awe-inspiring talent but also very generous with his talent to his very appreciative community!

Amy Hilgendorf Vanney

How do you rate someone you’ve worked closely with for four years, and has never let you down? Tom consistently creates high quality illustrations and always delivers on-time. Plus he’s cost-effective and a great communicator. Tom is a find!

Pip & Curtis Reid

Pip & Curtis ReidFounder & Author - Bible Pathway Adventures